bday eve before

bday eve before

Monday, May 25, 2015


The old traded their ‘dog tag numbers’ from the war.  Little children, far removed from that time, waved flags, tried to hold them up, sometimes batted at each other with their flags, but gently.

The weather was so light, so shiny and blue-skied, the green of the trees so verdant.  Our favorite politicians gave speeches. A tenor sang America the Beautiful and we tried to join in, some remembered words better than others. 

It was the biggest crowd I’ve seen for Memorial Day in all the years I’ve gone, seems many families playing on the slides and swings on the other side of the park, decided to come over and join.  It was all ages, all colors. 

The firemen were there to show their truck and talk to the kids and to walk with us over to another monument in the park for a young firefighter from the  neighborhood felled by his job several years ago now.

We honored our dead, our veterans, our current military, the firemen and police assisting us this day and the young fireman with the beautiful face who was killed, his mother there with us this morning. 

Sometimes all we can do is join together, to give thanks, to do the right thing, to be congenial to one another, to pay our respects, to stand in attendance.

Mary Pat Kane for WISPS

Memorial Day, 2015

with thanks to the D'Amico family

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